The Different Screw Types Commonly Used at Home and Various Industries

The things that we build often needs to be fastened together, and there are different ways to do it. These are vital in constructing stable structures. The screw, for example, is a dependable component in building sturdy structures by holding or joining two materials together. There are different uses and types of screws, from creating to fixing things in various building settings.

Screws make it convenient to attach things such as in construction and DIY repairs, and is also easy to remove when disassembling. It can be used on steel, timber, and occasionally on concrete. It gives more holding power and strength as compared to nails. Screws also come in different shapes and sizes, which is used depending on the type of material that is needed to be fastened securely. It also comes in different coatings to deter rust, like how nails are. Steel screw manufacturers make various screw heads with several types of slots. Know what they are below:

Types of the screw head

There are four basic types of screw heads that manufacturers make, these are:

  • Flathead screws – These are the type of screw heads that are countersunk most of the time into the material being fastened. The flathead screw lays completely flushed with (or sometimes lower than) the surface of the material without any protrusions.
  • Oval-head screws – Are the type that is partially countersunk, with just about half of the screw head resting on the surface. Oval-head is like a combination of countersunk screws like the flathead and the roundhead.
  • Roundhead screws – This is the type of screw that entirely rests on the surface, which means that it is not concealed or countersunk. The roundhead is also known in other parts of the globe as a domed or pan head.
  • Fillister-head screws – It is a screw that is raised above the surface through a flat base, which keeps it from damaging the surface of the material as it is being tightened.

screwdrivers and screws

Types of screw drive

Screws are made with different kinds of slot heads, which are the shape that is indented in the screw heads that determines the type of screwdriver to be used. These different shapes also determine the fastening that should be used. The slots determine the hand tool to be used to drive the screw in, which can either be manually or with a power tool.

The usual shapes of screw slots are slotted or standard and Philips. The slotted is the traditional type of slot that is used with a flat-head screwdriver, while the Philips is the cross-shaped slot which is driven by a Philips screwdriver.

Aside from these, other types are available, and the Torx drive or star drive is one of them. Torx screws have different sizes, too, depending on which surface and application. The Torx screw slot allows for more surface area for better control of the drive, which also reduces slippage.

Hex socket heads and slot is also available to be used. This screw has a recessed hexagon shape that can be driven by an Allen key or a hex screwdriver. It also provides less slippage of the driver, which makes it easier to be fastened on materials.

There are also other types aside from the ones mentioned, and some are proprietary, which can only be removed or driven by a specialist. Screws make it easier for us to fasten things together like wooden frames or furniture. Without the screw as an option for attaching things, the structure and things that we built may not last long.

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