The Most Creative Applications of Wrought Iron

rought iron design in a fence

Wrought iron makes magnificently beautiful pieces of artwork. Mighty palaces and parliament buildings mostly in Europe, like England’s Buckingham Palace and Scotland’s Holyrood Palace, have fine examples of beautiful artwork that make use of wrought iron in their fences and gates. Notable renditions of wrought iron fences and gates in the Americas can be found in Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina. Wrought iron fences and gates have stood the test of time. The builders of these magnificent structures chose wrought iron to highlight this most splendid material for fences and gates, adding to the beauty and elegance of these places.

Reputable wrought iron makers in Oxnard, California produce iron that is highly malleable. This means that it can be heated, reheated, and worked into various shapes. Wrought iron gets stronger with every heating and beating, characterized by its fibrous appearance. It can be formed into various shapes to conform to design and architectural needs. Here are some of the more practical uses of wrought iron:

Fences and Gates

One of the best characteristics of wrought iron is its high resistance to fatigue. This is most integral for fences and gates. The beautiful fences and gates of renowned parliament buildings and palaces are living testament to wrought iron’s ability to last through the ages. It is strong. Some of the defining moments in the past witnessed the various upheavals, where these gates and fences protected kings and tyrants alike.


Wrought iron can be made into candle holders, wall hooks, bird cages, and every decorative item that you can think of. Some of these pieces from the past centuries have been auctioned off in antique and designers’ houses and fetched handsome returns for the collectors. These items and those things that you want to have for your home are available from wrought iron makers. Every handcrafted piece is built to your specifications and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Garden Décor

Plant holders, garden stakes, flower racks, and many other types of garden décor are the choice of most homeowners who are into gardening or those who have fine gardens. These wrought iron items that are present in a garden add to the beauty and style associated with a laid-back setting of a country villa. In fact, they add an old-world kind of feel without you needing to spend too much on it.

Lighting Fixtures

Flower designed wrought iron

Chandeliers add beauty and elegance to your home. They exude refined grace while still being stylish. Wrought iron chandeliers have adorned basilicas and churches. Massive and suspended from the high ceilings, these chandeliers have multiple candleholders to illuminate the chambers of these massive structures.

Wrought iron’s high elasticity and tensile strength make it ideal for so many decorative products for your home. Sturdy and strong, wrought iron fences and gates will give the protection that is most needed during these times of uncertainty and risks. There are indeed a lot of beneficial uses from this material that have been around for a long time.

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